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If you've ever found yourself standing in front of a mirror, makeup bag in hand, wondering, "Am I doing this right?"

or convinced yourself that buying the current trending product will fix all your issues? You're not alone.

But here is the secret, it's not about the product,

it's about the application.

makeup lesson liverpool milk studios
Milk Studios Liverpool makeup lesson

What to Expect in Your Makeup Lesson:


  • Personalised Exploration of Your Makeup Bag: Eve delves into your existing makeup collection, revealing the untapped potential of your favorite products.

  • Hands-On Techniques Tailored to You: Expect personalised guidance on techniques that enhance your features, aligned with your individual style.

  • Exclusive Tips and Tricks from a Glow Up Finalist: Benefit from Eve's industry secrets and expert insights, turning your lesson into a masterclass with a Glow Up maestro.

  • Leave with a customized step-by-step guide, ensuring you can confidently recreate your glamorous looks at home.

Why Book a Makeup Lesson at Milk Studios:

  • Unlock Your Unique Beauty Potential: Eve celebrates your unique beauty, empowering you to embrace and enhance your natural features.

  • Glow Up with Expert Guidance: As a Glow Up finalist, Eve brings extensive experience to your makeup journey, ensuring you elevate your skills with professional guidance.

  • Personalized Glam for Every Occasion: From special events to everyday looks, Eve tailors each lesson to your needs, ensuring you're ready to shine on every occasion.

Ready to elevate your glam? Book your makeup lesson1-2-1 or with friend for the ultimate girls day experience.

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have, gift vouchers are also available.

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