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From Glow Up to Glam: Unveiling My Makeup Studio's Story Post-Reality TV

You know, like any good tale, it all starts at the beginning. So, aspiring artists, gather 'round because I’m about to spill the tea on how I landed a spot on Glow Up.

No secrets here — it all began when they flashed that tempting "apply for glow up" ad after the first series finale. I thought, "Why not?" and filled in the application. Not gonna lie, wasn’t expecting much. I mean, who enjoys listing reasons why they’re unique?

Little did I know, the audition journey was no sprint; it was practically a marathon. A year of phone calls, Zoom marathons, in-person interviews, tests, group tests — you name it. Kept my expectations low, didn’t want to jinx it. Then, bam! The final call came — I was in!

Now, picture this: at the time of filming, I was a Glam and Bridal kind of artist. Creative makeup? Not my usual jam. Week 1 hit hard. Turns out, this competition was all about unleashing the creativity. I had my share of good and bad weeks; inconsistency was my middle name. But, you know what kept me sane? The mantra: "I did the best in the circumstances I was in." Keep smiling, even when I messed up, became my thing. Hey, I’m still here, aren’t I? Might as well enjoy the ride.

Fast forward to the semi-final, or as I like to call it, 'The Rankin Shoot.' Finally, my turf — Glam! The look had to dance with the water, so cool blue tones ruled the makeup. Fifi, my model, rocked a dark black lip, matching her bold vibe. Dom’s advice about water-friendly looks lingered in my mind. I went for an oil slick-inspired vibe, painted Fifi’s hair black, ready to transform in the water. Enter the gold pigment, a game-changer. Even sans gold, the shots were magic. But with it? Pure art. Fifi's energy, the pigment's dance — perfection.

Getting to the final episode felt like crossing the finish line. Glow Up? Completed it, mate. I did more than I ever dreamed. Sure, relief washed over me — the rollercoaster ride was done, and I could trade it for a leisurely stroll in Liverpool.

Not everyone's into the competitive scene. Not me. Life’s about doing my best, making myself proud, and always, always striving to level up — whether as a person or an artist.

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